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“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”

Krish Media 5D provide the best wedding photography and cinematography services. We have photographed weddings, both national and international including Paris, London, Australia, Singapore, Srilanka and Thailand. Our services are mainly categorised into Candid/Artistic Photography, Wedding Film and Traditional Photography. Candid Photography is just about the moments. At Hari Arts, its all about being Candid. We are trained to approach and we work hard to help you relive your moments.

A wedding we believe is like a movie. The coming together of so many beautiful things into one big happy story that is timeless. Isn’t it important to capture this fairy-tale? Traditional wedding photography can be recognized as formal color photos where people are posed and looking toward the camera say Cheese!

Our style is best described as emotional, atmospheric and nostalgic. We work in a flow of moments and unfold your story with best quality work. As we say ‘The Real You Is Our Story.

If you are looking for the best Wedding Couple photography then you needn’t look further. Hari Arts believes that a picture speaks volumes about a moment, especially when it’s your wedding. A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and every moment we freeze invokes a deep memory and a remembrance of the moment.

The Tamil rite-of-passage ceremony called Valaikappu occurs in late pregnancy. To celebrate the approaching birth of the first-born child, the ritual is highlighted by the wearing of new glass bangles by the mother-to-be. The expectant mother is presented with a lot of bangles, glass ones of mostly red and green colors.


With diverse options for your photo-shoot, we offer you the choice to let your creativity run wild or keep it natural and capture your baby in the moment, whether outdoors or at home. Either way, Krish Media brings the family portrait to life, and gives you a one-in-a-million memory to hold on to.

For us a wedding is an event where photography & videography come together. We want you to look back on your videos and remember what actually happened on your wedding day, not what was set-up. A wedding day goes by so quickly but what will live on in the months and years after, are the memories, and the videos. Knowing the importance of videography